but bright and solid, like a new bike (carsmilesteve) wrote in formedaband,
but bright and solid, like a new bike

AB UK Gigs!

ART BRUT Astoria London WED 13/06/2007 19:00
ART BRUT Carling Academy 2 Birmingham THU 14/06/2007 19:30
ART BRUT Manchester University Manchester FRI 15/06/2007 20:00
ART BRUT The Cockpit Leeds MON 18/06/2007 19:30

warm ups for glasto i assume/hope?

as with the last london gig, i am happy to actually go to the Astoria and buy tickets for ppl, so that you don't get scalped by ticketb@stard, worked fine last time :) anyone interested get in touch by next wednesday as that is my payday.
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